The injury impact is staggering...

...costing the Canadian economy $27 billion a year and worst of all, one child dies every nine hours. Parachute is a national charity helping Canadians stop the clock on preventable injuries.

Motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of preventable injury in Canada and Parachute is a leading voice for road safety with campaigns like National Teen Driver Safety Week and the Walk This Way Program.

In Canada, Vision Zero road safety initiatives are emerging from coast to coast. This is a watershed moment for road safety in Canada and Parachute has responded to stakeholder needs to create Parachute Vision Zero, a network that brings key players together across sectors, shares current knowledge and best practices, draws attention and access to the importance of data and evidence, and provides access to valuable resources to build capacity. This work was kicked off when Parachute hosted Canada’s first ever Vision Zero Summit in Toronto in 2016.                                                 


Zero fatalities and serious injuries on Canadian roads.

Parachute Vision Zero

Only by working together can we drive meaningful change.

Where and who is implementing Vision Zero? How did they do it? How is data being used? What campaigns are underway now? What can we learn from each other? Our network will answer these questions and more.

Parachute Vision Zero works to share current research and best practices in road safety, support data driven models, create and disseminate evidence-based resources and bridge key multi-sector players together to increase the overall awareness and effectiveness of the Vision Zero approach. In building awareness on Vision Zero, we build capacity for more jurisdictions across the country to integrate a Vision Zero approach. At an individual level, implementing the Vision Zero approach in communities will ultimately lead to a shift in thinking about motor vehicle collisions, moving away from the belief that these are accidents and towards the understanding that collisions are predictable and preventable.

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